Artists Raffling Turkey Painting

A Portrait of the Lake Bluff Turkey by artist Sandie Bacon

You now have a chance to hang the Lake Bluff Turkey above your mantel. Artists on the Bluff is having a raffle for a large, original painting of the turkey by Sandie Bacon, the artist who painted one of the murals in the Metra station. Raffle tickets for the painting are one for $5 or three for $10; they’re being sold at at Twigs, Peg Ann Kompany, Voila! and at the Metra Station Gallery. You can also purchase tix from members of Artists on the Bluff.

The drawing is scheduled for 4 p.m. in the Station Gallery–toward the end of Saturday’s Bluff-O-Ween festivities and prior to the famed Ghost Walk. The painting is on view at 16 E. Scranton. If you win the painting and don’t have a place for it at home, you can always donate the painting to the Vliet Center or the local schools. This project is to benefit the children’s art activities that the Artists on the Bluff.

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