Life Inside The Lake Bluff Orphanage

At the dedication of the Lake Bluff Children’s Home on Nov. 8, Kraig Moreland unveiled a video interview with one of the former residents of the home, Heather Madsen Waldoch. GazeboNews took this photo of them at the Vliet Museum of Lake Bluff History:

Heather Madsen Waldoch and Kraig Moreland at the Vliet Museum

The video is a short preview of the documentary of the Children’s Home that Kraig’s working on, showing just one child and her experience living at the orphanage from 1961 – 1964. The complete documentary with more voices of past children and staff is targeted to be completed sometime in late spring- early summer of 2011. All proceeds from the showing of the completed project will be given to the Vliet Museum of Lake Bluff History.

Heather was one of about 20 people who gathered for the ceremony at the museum. She said she felt well cared for as a child in Lake Bluff and is amazed at how kind Kraig and others have been since she came back to the village for the first time as an adult just two months ago. Here is a link to the interview:

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