Ask The Gazebo: Rabies In Coyotes?

After we posted stories last week about a coyote attack in Highland Park, a reader followed up by sending several photos of a coyote that was stealthily wandering through his back yard in Ingleside. We also heard from a reader who wanted to know what to do if your dog is being attacked by a coyote, and whether we should be concerned about rabies if a dog is attacked.

We asked Michael Adam, senior biologist with the Lake County Health Department, to answer these questions. Here’s what he said:

“If your dog is attacked by a coyote, do not try to physically separate the animals. Make as much noise as possible, throw things, turn lights on, etc. That will hopefully take the coyote’s attention away from the dog.

“Rabies in coyotes is rare. The county does not test coyotes for rabies in part because we do not capture them. We test for rabies in bats and skunks, primarily, although other mammals such as coyotes, fox or raccoons may carry the disease as well.”

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Photos submitted by GN reader Bill Cunningham

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