Turkey Sightings In Lake Bluff … Again

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These photos were shot the morning of April 5, 2011. Some of them are by Adrienne Fawcett and others were taken by a GazeboNews reader

A large, shiny, very talkative turkey strutted east on Route 176 in Lake Bluff on Tuesday, April 5, at around 8:30 a.m., prompting a familiar seen at the busy Greenbay Road/176 intersection. Cars, vans, people, cameras … and a turkey. Could Jeff be back?

The bird is more plump and shiny than the turkey who spent much of last spring and summer in the Rockland Wetlands (and in the bike path, and on the split rail fence, and up on the telephone wires) at Greenbay Road and Route 176. He (or she or it) also seemed less sure, balking loudly and looking around worriedly while crossing Greenbay Road in front of moving vehicles. Last summer, the turkey strutted in front of trucks and SUVs with confident elan.

Many people called or emailed GazeboNews on Tuesday morning to report the sightings, and said they were happy to see a (or the) turkey back on familiar turf. Please let us know if you see him (or her) again!

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