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  • LF Residents Create Watchdog Group (2)
    By Jennifer NeubauerLFSW mission statement, in full: Lake Forest Schools Watch (LFSW) was formed to ensure that administrative and board decisions on curriculum, personnel, fiscal, and other issues are fully informed, completely transparent, ethical and solely in the best interests of Lake Forest students in helping them obtain a world-class education. We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians,...
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  • Winnetka Library To Close Genealogy Room (2)
    By Linda BenderI was a Winnetka resident for over 40 years and a volunteer in the circulation dept. of the library for 7 and am dismayed to hear of the Board President's comment about older volunteers, having been one of them. When I began volunteering at the library--FOUR DIRECTORS AGO--I was welcomed and appreciated. That changed with...
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