Lake Bluff Elementary Achieves Silver LEED

Lake Bluff School District 65 submitted this press release:

Lake Bluff District 65 is pleased to announce that the Lake Bluff Elementary School building has been granted Silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The school, which opened in the Fall of 2009, was designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of Silver LEED certification with an emphasis on environmentally sustainable materials, superior air quality and energy efficiency.

The USGBC awarded the Silver certification based upon several credits that the Lake Bluff school building had achieved:

– Sustainable Site
– Water Efficiency
– Optimized Energy Performance
– Construction Waste Management
– 95% of generated construction waste was saved from the landfill
– Recycled Content
– Used 31% recycled building materials
– Regional Materials
– 27% of building materials sourced from within 500 miles of the construction site
– Indoor Air Quality
– Low Emitting Materials
– Daylight Views
– 95% of the indoor space have direct views to the outside
– Innovation in Design
– School as a Teaching Tool

To help cover the costs of the design, engineering and commissioning of the (LEED) certification, the Lake Bluff School District was awarded a grant of $100,000 from the Illinois Clean Energy Community (ICE) Foundation in December of 2007 and a $75,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) in January 0f 2009.

According to Board of Education member Eric Waggoner “The true measure of success for the environmental sustainability movement is whether energy reduction, pollution control and resource conservation can catch on at a community level. Lake Bluff School District 65 has offered a shining hope for the future of community-based sustainability movements. The District’s plan to build a LEED Silver Certified elementary school, supported by the ICE Community Foundation Grant Award and the additional financial pledge from the DCEO through State Senator Susan Garrett’s efforts, are the direct results of an intensive, 3-year collaborative partnership between District 65 and the Lake Bluff community in the District’s school facility planning process.”

The LEED for Schools Rating System recognizes the unique nature of the design and construction of K-12 schools. Based on the LEED for New Construction rating system, it addresses issues such as classroom acoustics, master planning, mold prevention and environmental site assessment. By addressing the uniqueness of school spaces and children’s health issues, LEED for Schools provides a unique, comprehensive tool for schools that wish to build green, with measurable results.

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