Village of Lake Bluff Looks to Fill Train Station …

The Village of Lake Bluff is looking to fill the Lake Bluff Train Station retail space formerly occupied by Cafe Metro, a concessionaire that moved out on Sept. 30. According to Village Administrator Drew Irvin, the Village is keeping its options open with regards to finding the ideal tenant.

“Having heard from multiple interested parties without any solicitation, we are casting a wide net hoping to find a great fit for the small space,” said Irvin.

According to Brandon Stanick, assistant to the village administrator, the Village is open to any retail/service establishment that “can provide a convenience to village commuters and the community as a whole.”

“The RFP was structured as such to generate a wide range of vendor types and chain/franchises would be welcome,” said Stanick.

The village plans to review the proposals after the Thanksgiving holiday and move forward with a contract with the selected vendor in time for the Village Board to consider at its Dec. 10 meeting.

Information regarding the proposal-submission process can be found below as well as online.

Interested parties are invited to submit proposals for the operation of a retail/service establishment within approximately 120 square feet of space attached to the Lake Bluff Metra Train Station on the Union Pacific North Line.
The Village of Lake Bluff Train Station building is owned by Union Pacific Railroad on which Metra operates its North Line daily train service from Chicago to Kenosha, WI. The Village of Lake Bluff leases the Train Station from Union Pacific and, for almost 20 years, has sub-leased the premises to a concessionaire of coffee, periodicals and various pre-packaged food items. Recently, this concessionaire has vacated the space and the Village now desires to identify a retail/service establishment that will utilize the Premises to provide retail goods and/or services to commuters and Village residents from the Premises.

The Village will receive sealed proposals for retail services—electronic submissions will not be accepted. Proposals must be received no later than 3 p.m. on Nov. 19, 2012. Submissions should be directed to: Lake Bluff Village Hall, ATTN: Brandon Stanick, Asst. to the Village Administrator. 40 E. Center Ave., Lake Bluff, IL 60044.

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