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Submitted by The SpeakUP! Prevention Coalition

LAKE FOREST, IL – The SpeakUP! Prevention Coalition, a Lake Forest based Community Anti-Drug Coalition and a recipient of a Federal Drug Free Communities grant, will begin the year by facilitating listening sessions with members of our community. These listening sessions are intended to help the coalition learn about the perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes that adults observe among peers in the community. During the listening sessions, participants will be asked questions about the role adults play in underage drinking in our community. The interviewers will not ask for names or any identifying information about any member of the community, and therefore, all responses will remain completely anonymous.

Each of the individuals performing the interviews has professional experience in interviewing and maintaining confidentiality.

A few of the questions that may be asked are listed below.

  • In our community, underage drinking increases significantly from 8th – 10th grade. What beliefs or attitudes do you observe in our community that might influence this trend?
  • In our community, youth report one common way they obtain alcohol is by taking it from their home or the home of another adult. Based on what you have observed, why can youth in our community easily obtain alcohol from a home without adult knowledge?
  • What is the justification or rationale you have heard about adults who willingly provide alcohol to youth?
  • What attitudes, beliefs, and/or behaviors have you observed among adults in our community that might influence youth to use alcohol?

Participants will not be required to answer all questions.

The coalition is seeking participation from Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood residents. Interviews will take place from Tuesday, January 21 to Friday, February 1. Exact dates and available times slots are listed on the SpeakUP! website at: www.speakupcoalition.org. Each session will be scheduled for 30 minutes, and will be held at 762 N. Western Ave, Lake Forest. The offices are located below The Lantern at Dakota Insurance Group. For further information, please contact Khris Condon at Kcondon@speakuplflb.org.

For more information, visit www.leadingefforts.org, www.speakupcoalition.org, or call (847) 295-9075.

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