Is Target Coming To Lake Bluff?

By Adrienne Fawcett

Target Corp. wants to open a 139,000 square-foot Target store in the former Shephard Chevrolet property in Lake Bluff on Route 176 near the entrance roads to Route 41, according to Village Administrator Drew Irvin. GazeboNews asked him for the scoop:

“Target is looking at the opportunity to build a store in Lake Bluff. McVickers/Oxford Development (who has the former Shepard Chevrolet property under contract) and Target have submitted an application for the necessary zoning relief to allow for a new 139K square foot Target store and 3 outlots (tenants unknown at this time).

“Obviously, they will have to go through a process with public hearings which will start with the PCZBA (aka the Village Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals); the PCZBA will make a recommendation to the Village Board regarding the zoning with the first meeting (which is preliminary in nature) to take place 2/20.

“Target will be requesting financial incentives — not uncommon for deals like this — which is something that the Village has done in the past for other developments positioned to generate significant sales tax revenue, create employment opportunities, strengthen the commercial sector of the Village and increase the overall community tax base (example = Knauz Motors),” Irvin said.

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