Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Winter Weather Pictures

Editor’s note: Thank you to all who submitted these winter weather pictures, and keep ’em coming! PS: Lake Forest was treated to 8 inches of snow, according to Carl Noble, who tracks the local precipitation for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network.

Funny snowman spotted on Woodland, east of McKinley. Submitted by René Romero Schuler.

“Where’d my yard go?” Submitted by Magnus Pym Richards.


Snow, finally! Submitted by Ellory Peck.


Pulling the sled. Submitted by Ryan Bastianelli.


“Swingin’ in the snow.” Submitted by Gary Lawrence.


“Snow lady,” submitted by Rosemary Troxel.


“Snowy street.” Photo by Eric Grenier.


The Volkert kids made a stand-on-your-head snowman in Lake Bluff!

Deb Fischer’s snowy backyard in Lake Bluff looks like the setting of a fairy tale.

Patio by Deb Fischer

Magical trees; photo by Carl Noble of Lake Forest

Carrying a heavy load; photo by Carl Noble

Photo by Carl Noble

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