Playing In Our Winter Wonderland (Finally!)… freelancer Cyn Sansing Mycoskie of cynimage photography ventured out Friday afternoon to capture winter fun around Lake Bluff & Lake Forest. Our community is enjoying the first “real” snow of the season, and because it took so long to get here … well, the delay just makes the chilly white stuff seem that much sweeter!

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  • Opinion: It's Vital To Vote Yes (8)
    By JCAMarcy - This is not SCCFAC's plan. Period. As for your questions about involvement in SCCFAC and following the process - the answer to both of those for me is yes. I applied to be part of the SCCFAC and was not selected (maybe that's a good thing for me in hindsight). And I have...
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  • Opinion: It's Vital To Vote Yes (8)
    By Marcy TurnerJohn, my letter clearly states that I live west of 41. In fact, I live on Sumac just south of Rosemary, so will be in the heart of the additional traffic should this pass. As I stated, I am willing to deal with traffic if it means better education for HP's children (and, mind you,...
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