‘Malicious Or Nutritious’ Program On …

Recently the League of Women Voters of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff joined with Lake Forest Open Lands to host “Malicious or Nutritious,” presentation about agriculture and health. I wasn’t able to attend, so I was excited to learn that LakeForestTV video-taped the program. Here’s the video:

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    By AxlJennifer, my question was for YOU to defend YOUR statements in what YOU wrote. I'm sorry you won't have any more time to defend my questions about your conclusions. However, is that not part of submitting a public opinion? To be questioned and challenged and open a discourse? You should consider running for office, since...
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    By Jennifer NeubauerYou state: "Beside, [sic] Black women have been taking care and loving Northshore children for a century now–is it her ascension away from a maid’s uniform to the office of administration that causes your cognitive dissonance?" First, I'm not sure "maids" wear uniforms anymore, second, the "Black women" you reference who have taken loving care...
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