Update: Lulu’s Frozen Delights Is Now Open at …

Editor’s  note: This story was updated on Feb. 14, 11 a.m.

Lulu’s Frozen Delights opened at the Lake Bluff Train Station on Feb. 12, much to the delight of morning commuters. Here’s a pic of the revamped, cheery space.




The Village of Lake Bluff Board of Trustees will vote on a resolution at its regular meeting on Jan. 14 to approve a lease agreement that would allow LuLu’s Frozen Delights to operate a retail/service establishment at the Lake Bluff train station.

The Village issued a request for proposal back in October seeking bids for the operation of a retail/service establishment to replace the former tenant, Café Metro, which sold coffee and prepackaged food items during the morning commute. The Village received four responses in total, including LuLu’s, and, following evaluation of the various proposals, has decided to recommend a lease agreement with LuLu’s. “The Village Board found the proposal from LuLu’s Frozen Delights to be the best overall option,” said Village Administrator Drew Irvin. “LuLu’s offered the best financial terms, a quick roll out, a complete food/beverage product line, and commuter-appropriate hours of operation.”

According to owner Reggie Ash, LuLu’s train station location will serve coffee, oatmeal, yogurt, donuts, fresh fruit, and, in the summer, frozen yogurt pre-packs. “We’ll serve the same great coffee as we do here at LuLu’s,” said Ash. “It’ll be made at LuLu’s and taken over to the train station every half hour or 45 minutes. It will always be fresh, always hot. And we’ll have the same great donuts.” According to Ash, commuters in a hurry will be able to grab a quick cuppa from a coffee station and, rather than wait in line to pay the cashier, can drop their money in an honor-system box and go. “We know that time is of the essence and people have to get in and out of there fast, so there will be a box there for the honor system,” said Ash. “We’ll keep track of it, and as long as most people are being honest, it’ll stay.”

Once the Board approves the resolution, you can expect LuLu’s to open at the train station in the beginning of February.

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