Chevy Impala Leads Police On High-Speed Chase …

By Adrienne Fawcett

GazeboNews learned of a high-speed car chase involving several police departments on Monday evening, June 3. We asked Lake Bluff Deputy Chief David Belmonte for information on what happened. He said that at 7:05 p.m., North Chicago Police officers were in pursuit of a vehicle southbound on Green Bay Road, traveling through Lake Bluff into Lake Forest. The car, a black 2007 Chevrolet Impala, was reported stolen by Grayslake Police. North Chicago terminated the pursuit in Lake Forest.

Deputy Chief Belmonte said that several minutes later the car was again spotted by Lake Bluff officers, who attempted to stop the car when it went west on Rt 176 from northbound Green Bay Road. The vehicle refused to stop and continued west on Rt 176. Due to heavy traffic conditions, Lake Bluff officers did not pursue. Libertyville Police and Lake County Sheriffs Department were notified.

GazeboNews is awaiting word on whether the vehicle has been apprehended.

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